A Case of the Mondays Might Be Good For Your Web Traffic!


While Monday might not be your favorite day, it could be the best for your site traffic.

One of the biggest challenges in managing your blogs and social media sites and figuring out when to post.

Fortunately, Christy Rakoczy from the Intuit Small Business Blog has a great how-to guide for which industries are going to do better on what days.

It’s got a pretty great day by day guide depending on your industry, but let’s start with that most hated of weekdays first.

If you’re in any of these fields, your Monday web traffic might just make you very happy.

  • General Retail- While posters in the field tend to space their updates randomly, these sites see a 19 percent boost in interaction rates on their first day.
  • Health & Beauty- Tuesdays are the ABSOLUTELY WORST for health and beauty people where posts on Mondays result in 12 percent more activity.
  • Telecommunications- Tuesday are ALSO ABSOLUTELY THE WORST for this field (what’s wrong with Tuesdays), but Mondays are a-okay!
  • Technology- For geeky technogeeks Mondays are your time to shine with a whopping 30 percent. No matter what your field, if you can post something about technology on Mondays you’re sure to do well.

Read the full article for more tips-http://blog.intuit.com/marketing/some-days-are-better-than-others-for-social-media-marketing/






Read more here-http://blog.intuit.com/marketing/some-days-are-better-than-others-for-social-media-marketing/

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