Check Advantage Gets Personal

Announcing the addition of personal checks!Is there something fishy about selling personal checks online?

CheckAdvantage, the same online company that has been providing customers with high quality business checks and supplies for years, is now offering personal checks in more than 100 attractive styles!You might be asking yourself if this is a smart business decision. “Don’t people use their debit and credit cards for everything these days?”

Using a plastic card may be convenient in some situations, however, we are smart enough to realize there are still many times people like you will need to use a personal check!

Here are just a few examples:

  • You come back from a date night away from the kids and don’t have any cash left. Where do you plan on swiping your credit card when you have to pay the babysitter?
  • You’re at a friend’s wedding and put off getting a gift until the last minute. Now it’s too late! Are you going to put an IOU in that Hallmark card, or would you rather write the happy couple a personal check?
  • You’re visiting a quaint little country furniture shop and find the perfect wooden rocking chair for your home. You can tell by looking at the antique cash register they won’t take plastic – but they will take a personal check!

Just the other day I visited a popular pizza parlor here in Appleton, Wisconsin called Frank’s Pizza Palace. Founded in 1955, it was the very first pizzeria built in the city, and has a reputation for some of the best thin-crust around.

Guess what? They don’t take credit cards, but they do accept personal checks. Needless to say, I was pretty happy my wife had the checkbook in her purse – otherwise we might have been washing dishes to pay for our pizza!

There are other advantages to using personal checks. When you use your credit or debit card it’s almost too easy. We’ve all developed the terrible habit of spending money with a flip of the wrist. Before we know it, we’re racking up debt and digging a hole for ourselves that can be tough to get out of.

Maybe it’s time we get back to basics!

When you use personal checks from Check Advantage, and the free check register that comes with it , you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your finances. Plus, you’ll think long and hard about exactly how much you’re spending when you actually have to pull out a pen and write that number down on a personal check!

Another benefit of personal checks is how much fun they can be! It seems like you’re able to personalize just about everything these days, from your MySpace layout to your license plates. So why use boring checks from the bank when you can find personal checks with personality here at Check Advantage?

Find out more about all the personal check designs we’re now offering in the coming days! We have a wide selection of Wildlife, Nature and Scenic personal checks that will add some life to your purse or pocketbook.

So don’t toss out your checkbook just yet. There are plenty of reasons to keep personal checks around as another payment option!

Have questions about personal checks or any other products offered at Check Advantage? Call us at 1-888-657-9758 and we’ll help you find what you need.

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