1. William Hammerstein says:

    I have started the process of moving my assets out of a Smith Barney account into a local Credit Union. What pushed me over the edge is the prospect of being part of a sudden wave of 99%’ers hitting the banks where it hurts. If the “occupiers” haven’t driven the point home, maybe damaging their bottom line will?

    • Good for you! I’m all about making a stand. But I’m not sold that holding up signs and banging on bongos is going to really make a difference.
      I think you’re absolutely right – they’ll notice when they start losing customers. Look at Netflix!

  2. KATIE LOU says:

    Sounds like a check company adv – careful where you order checks because maybe companies sell YOUR info to chexsystems and the credit scoring crew. but if you get your checks at a credit union – ask them if they do this. probably not

    • Hey Katie Lou – you are right this is a blog connected to a company that sells checks. Very good catch. Was it the name Check Advantage that tipped you off? ;)

      However – we DO NOT sell customer info to ANYONE! And an online check company would be unlikely to have any connection with Chexsystems. That is a database used by financial institutions to identify bad check writers. We would have no way of knowing if any of our customers wrote bad checks – only banks and credit unions know that.

      Something that all banks and credit unions do is buy personal checks from a major corporate check manufacturer like Deluxe, and then mark up the price before selling to you. By ordering checks online you can cut out the middle man and save. Hope that clears things up for you!

      We aren’t using this blog solely to advertise – it’s designed to be a valuable resource for our customers and others. If you read more on this site – you’ll find plenty of articles with no mention of checks.

  3. Elspeth Ross says:

    With Wells Fargo testing the waters and me just being a poor college student in one of the test states, I am definitely switching ASAP.

    • I probably would too if I were you. However, other banks have started dropping the idea, but Wells Fargo still hasn’t made a decision. So if you want to hold out and wait to avoid the hassle of switching – things might change.

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