How to Make Money While Sitting on Your Butt Doing Next to Nothing

Did you just read that headline and think – “Hey, that’s already what I do!” ?

Well, then you’ll love these little ideas for making some extra cash. I highly doubt any of them will make you rich or pay for your child’s education.  But it could be your beer money, pay your Netflix bill or possibly help you start building an emergency savings fund.

Over at  Moolanomy – Kyle Taylor recently wrote about 8 Easy Ways Anyone Can Make Money.

There are some intriguing – although a bit strange – ideas in there including No. 1 – “Take pictures of your recycling.”

Then there are some that would require a little extra work or at least some sort of knowledge/talent. No. 6 is “Open an Etsy Shop” and No. 8 is “Become a Tutor.”

There are also some questionable suggestions, like No. 3 – “Take Online Surveys.” Everyone I know who has tried that says it’s a waste of time.

Get the entire list of Kyle’s suggestions when you check out the full post.

What do you do to earn a little extra spending money? Leave a comment and let us know!

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