Order Personal Checks for the Winter Season

lady in scarfYou won’t find any Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials here at Check Advantage.

But that’s only because we always offer the same low price to our customers every day.

You’ve probably seen a lot of  offers from other online check companies, or check printers who advertise in the newspaper or the ValuPak that comes in your mail. They seduce you with really cheap deals for your first time you order checks.

But that price skyrockets when you want to reorder checks after you use the last one in the book.

So what a lot of people end up doing is hopping from site to site ordering personal checks until they’ve exhausted all the first timer specials.

If that’s the game you want to play – it’s cool – we understand. But eventually you are going to want to partner up with a company that offers quality personal checks at affordable prices.

When that time comes – Check Advantage is here for you!

When you order checks here it’s always the same price. No promotional offers, no catches, no surprise add-ons once you get to the check out. We offer dozens upon dozens of original personal check designs. All checks that are available on our website are exclusive to Check Advantage,

That includes many checks that are perfect for the upcoming winter season.

snowflake personal checksTake our Snowflake Checks for example. Here’s a simple, but very cool looking design that will remind you of how each individual snowflake is completely unique.

Snowflake personal checks will help you realize that just like all those tiny crystals of frozen water that float down from the sky…you are one in a million!

You can also check out our Nature Checks for even more designs with a winter theme. That includes Winter Snow Personal Checks and Winter Mountain Personal Checks. Both can be found in the Scenic View Checks category.

Also in the Nature section – you’ll find an evergreen style with the Pine Tree Personal Checks in the Plants and Flowers category.

In fact, you could call all of these personal check designs “evergreen.” That’s because you won’t look ridiculous using them after the holidays are over and the snow melts away.

There are no pictures of Santa and Rudolph, no candy canes or menorahs – just great designs and fantastic photography.

If you love waking up in the morning to a fresh blanket of clean white snow – you’ll love the winter-themed checks we offer at Check Advantage.

We’re coming up with ideas for new checks all the time. But if you have something special you’d like to see in a personal check design – leave us a comment and share!

Image: graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. those are some nice designs, specially the snow one. i have never purchased checks in past but i have seen a few with my friends. i’m thinking of buying some christmas theme checks like these: they look really cute and remind of my childhood times.

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