Business Checks – Should You Print Your Own?

man at computerIt is completely possible for you to print your own business checks and even personal checks.

However, there are some important things you should know before taking on this do-it-yourself chore.

There are some hassles and issues you’ll need to take care of if you want to make sure your checks will work and that all your effort won’t be ruined because of some simple mistakes.

Before you attempt to print your own checks – you should think about a few things…

The first thing you should consider before you print business checks is if you have the right software. It is possible to create your own checks without special financial and accounting software, it’s much easier to do so with features in a program like Quicken, QuickBooks or MS Money.

Check Advantage offers laser checks that are compatible with many different types of software including Quicken Checks and QuickBooks Checks.

Just about any type of modern printer will work for printing your checks. But while it isn’t required – you’re going to want to use magnetic ink.

Magnetic ink is typically what’s used to create your routing and account numbers on the MICR line at the bottom of your checks.

Your entire check does not need to be printed with magnetic ink, but if you want your checks to be readable at most banks, the MICR line should have magnetic ink. Otherwise, your business checks and personal checks will need to be processed manually.

That means additional fees from the bank as well as the person or business to which you wrote the check. It also means it will take longer for the check to be processed.

Finding a supplier of magnetic ink may be difficult. It will also be pricier than typical printer ink cartridges.

Besides the ink – you also need to be concerned with the paper you use to print your checks. Most legitimate check printers  use a variety of security features to protect against check fraud. This type of paper will also be tougher to find, and you’ll never get all the features found on most checks.

Features such as micro-printing, fluorescent fibers in the paper, bleach reactive stain, and a security screen reading “Original Document,” which won’t print when photocopied are standard when you order checks online from Check Advantage. (Read about the Security Features at Check Advantage).

If you do decide to print your own business checks, Check Advantage offers blank check stock to make things a little easier. You can order 250 checks for as low as $17.30.

But if you’d rather get your business checks pre-printed with your routing number, account number and other information. Check Advantage is here to meet your needs. You can enter up to five lines of business/personal information – and our customer service representatives are happy to help you with any questions. Just give us a call at 1-888-657-9758 or use our online chat feature to start the conversation!

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