How to Reduce Your Cable and Internet Bill

family watches tvIn a world where no one wants to spend one penny more than they have to for anything, everyone is happy to find solutions that save money.

Internet and cable have become indispensable in the 21st century, which means we’re going to incur some sort of monthly bill or multiple bills for the privilege.

Generally speaking, the more services, options, channels, speed, and equipment we include in our monthly services, the greater the monthly expense. We each spend a great deal of time striking a balance between when we want it, what we need, and what we can actually afford, with the happy medium being something close to “plenty for a pittance.”

If you’re interested in reducing your monthly costs for your cable and internet services but don’t necessarily know where to start, here are some methods that can seriously help reduce your bills.


One of the most expensive ways to enjoy cable television and high-speed broadband internet is to contract for these services from separate providers. When you order a single communications or entertainment product from a service provider, you will always pay their top price for that particular service. It could be a good price, but when it’s a lone service it’s almost assured a better price can be had.

Whenever possible in your area of the country, order your premium home television services and high-speed broadband internet from the same service provider. This will give you the option of bundling your services on a single monthly invoice. Not only does this make your life easier when it comes time to pay your monthly bills, you will pay a lower price per service because of bundling.

Your service provider only maintains one customer record for you no matter how many services you order from them, which means expedited processing on the backend. One service department can handle all of your customer service and technical support needs across all of their offered services, which saves them money, which in turn they pass along to you as an incentive to remain a loyal customer.

Reduction in Services

While leaching wireless internet from your neighbor might be an option, it’s not a great one. Your access to the internet is at the mercy of their connection, not to mention it’s becoming harder to hijack your neighbor’s signal because of strong security protocols and the necessary passwords.

If you’re in a position where you have to reduce your monthly bill but still require some level of service, reducing the amount of premium services you receive is a legitimate way.

Most service providers offer a wide range of service options. When it comes to cable television, things like access to HD channels, tiered packages, premium channels, HD-DVRs, and additional cable boxes all cost you above and beyond the base monthly price. Determine the channels you really want to have—and subsequently those you can live without—and get rid of all the rest. If you have a lot of premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz, you can reduce your monthly cable bill by as much as $80 per month!

When it comes to high-speed broadband internet, many service providers offer different levels of service. The faster the download speed, the more it will cost you each month. If you don’t need 20Mbps of bandwidth because all you really do is check emails, surf Facebook, and stream some music each month, then reduce your monthly package to something smaller. A 6Mbps connection will be more than adequate for these types of online actions.

Cancel Your Service

If you had to choose between premium home television service and high-speed broadband internet, which would you choose? It’s very hard to surf the web through your television, but becoming easier to watch television with your high-speed internet connection.

When you consider the capabilities of such streaming online services as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Crackle, as well as the individual websites belonging to such television production companies and networks as AMC, Fox, NBC, and USA Network, there’s an awful lot of television programming all over the internet. Even YouTube has countless streaming videos comprising a wide range of interests.

Canceling your cable television service, if this is something you can reasonably choose, is an excellent way to dramatically reduce your monthly bill. The internet is bursting with video content, blockbuster movies, and the latest television programming. Your high-speed broadband internet connection can open a whole new world of video content to you, and at the same time leave you with a monthly bill that is a fraction of what it used to be.

There are many different ways you can reduce your monthly cable and internet bills. Bundling, speaking with your current providers, and even reducing or canceling some of your services are great ways to accomplish this goal.

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