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DIY marketplaceFor years you’ve wowed your friends with the best pies, most gorgeous dresses, or truly striking art.

It’s clear you’ve got talent. Now, it’s time to cash in and get serious about selling your homemade work.

Ever since e-commerce sites like Etsy burst on the scene, it’s never been easier to reach your target demographic online.

Here are a few of the best places to hawk your DIY masterpieces.



1. ArtFire

With its intuitive layout and great deals, ArtFire is good for any aspiring creative showing their work for the first time.  The site even helps with web promotion, making sure your products show up in search results.

2. Big Cartel

With over 250,000 clothing designers,  jewelry makers, and other savants, Big Cartel bills itself as the place where artists “set up shop.” The custom options on its online store make it easy to move and track inventory.

3. ArtQuid

Created for art producers, art dealers, and private individuals, this exchange is helpful in developing connections to nearby galleries, not just buying and selling.



1. Foodoro

In Pixar’s film Ratatouille, fine-cuisine-loving-rat-turned-chef Remy says, “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”

Remy would be right at home at Foodoro, an online expo for high quality food. It’s an excellent place for the small, independent food producer with high standards of craftsmanship.

2. Joyus

Online shopping site Joyus recently got an upgrade when they acquired food marketplace Foodzie. Now Joyus’ interactive and easy-to-use food section brings you a unique video-based experience where a food lover can unveil delicious items of all different kinds.



1. UsTrendy

A fabulous place for Indie shoppers and entrepreneurs alike, it only takes minutes to set up on an online store.

UsTrendy also hosts competitions where designers can enter their portfolios. It’s a perfect resource for emerging Indie talent.

2. Fab

Though not exclusively a clothing website, Fab does partner with independent designers to create products. With 7.5 million members in 2012, it’s a great place to connect with a fashion-loving audience.

3. Threadless

For the cartoonist or illustrator with a dream of seeing their work in motion, Threadless hosts contests to have art printed on t-shirts. Designers looking for a chance to display their raw talent would be crazy to pass on this opportunity.

Crafts & Other DIY


1. DaWanda

Unique and handmade is the name of the game at DaWanda, a marketplace for artists, designers, craftmakers and small family run-business owners. DeWanda also has a German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Polish site for those looking to widen their appeal.

2. Supermarket

A wonderful place to market jewelry, clothes, and other accessories with a hip sensibility. With categories like “wear + carry” and “space + place”, this site has a definite sense of humor.

3. Bonanza

Rated the “best eBay Alternative” by the Jupiter Media Reader’s Survey, this startup has found quick success in the DIY market with many awards for its design and ease of use.

Credentials aside, Bonanza offers free listings,  low fees, and free distribution as well as good customer service and checkout options. With truly beautiful products, it’s a no-brainer and excellent Etsy alternative.

4. ShopHandmade

This final entry is a terrific place for moving craft supplies, vintage items, arts & crafts services, and, of course, all things handmade. It also handles discounts and allows you to put your own products on sale whenever you want.

Let’s hear from you. Where do you go to sell your DIY creations? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you for posting about these sites! There are a few here I’m not even aware of and I thought I had researched them all. :)

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