Shocking But True! What You Never Knew About Federal Income Taxes

stripperThey say two things in life are certain – death and taxes. But for being such a sure thing, there are plenty of surprises surrounding federal income taxes.

I just found out about a whole bunch of weird tax stuff over at the popular personal finance blog Wise Bread.

For instance did you know you might be able to write off those new breast implants you got in 2010? You have to be a stripper who claims they’re an essential part of your job – but hey – maybe you’ve got another type of job that makes silicone essential.

Did you know there are more people working for the IRS than there are troops serving in Iraq? Actually there’s a lot more. 45,000 troops compared to 106,000 IRS workers. Just think about that army coming after you if you’re considering cheating on your taxes.

Would you believe that Americans spend around $27.7 billion dollars every year on tax preparation?  But we aren’t the only ones paying up. Even the IRS uses a tax preparer to get the job done.

Learn more about these strange stories and many other surprising historical facts when you read the complete list of 15 Surprising Facts About Income Tax over at Wise Bread.

The goofy rap video below does not represent an endorsement of TurboTax. Although I do use it.

Image Credit: Luiz Felipe Machado

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