Should Government Be Involved With Getting More Things ‘Made in America?’


Is government involvement necessary to help the U.S. economy rebound? Or is it something that will only impede the progress of free enterprise in America? That’s one of the most divisive issues in the country right now, and you’ll hear a lot of talk about such things as we get closer and closer to the […]

An Idea for Changing Unemployment Benefits


Does collecting unemployment checks keep unemployed Americans from looking for full-time work? Millions of Americans are waiting to see what Congress will soon decide as a temporary extension of the emergency federal unemployment benefits will expire at the end of February. Currently, unemployed Americans in 21 states are eligible for assistance as long as 99 […]

U.S. Hits Debt Ceiling – So Now What?


Hey America! What happened? How’d you get that huge bump on your head? What’s that? You hit your noggin on the debt ceiling!?! Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Better put some ice on that puppy! Usually, it’s no big deal when our government hit the debt ceiling. In the past, lawmakers just voted to raise it […]

Is What’s Best for You Best for Your Country?


Protests in Madison, Wisconsin continued today as the state Assembly prepares to vote on a budget repair bill that’s generated controversy and national attention. At the heart of the matter is newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker’s plan to close up Wisconsin’s $137 million budget deficit by limiting the collective bargaining rights of public employee […]

Bush Tax Cuts Become Obama Tax Cuts

obama in a santa hat

Merry Christmas from Washington. Hopefully, just about everyone is satisfied now. It really seems like this week’s compromise between the White House and Republican lawmakers was designed to make all sides as happy as possible. President Obama agreed to extend the Bush Tax cuts to all Americans – including those making more than $250-thousand a […]