Get Scammed?–You’ll Lose Double with Taxes


Getting scammed sucks, but even worse is paying tax penalties on your bad investment. For a truly chilling horror story, we turn to an article by blogger Kay Bell from San Francisco-area resident Bernice Tingle was the unfortunate victim in this scenario. After talking to a con artist pretending to be in the rap […]

7 Surprising Things You Can Take Off Your Taxes as an Independent Contractor


Independent contractors often have many questions when tax time comes. What needs to be declared? How should it be declared? More importantly, what can be written off? Better to get some of those questions answered now than when you’re two days away from the filing deadline. One of the guidelines for writing something off as […]

Why You MUST Get Professional Help When Choosing Your Corporate Form


During my legal adventures since 1982, I have sometimes been asked basic questions by those new to the world of capitalism. “What should I call my business?” they ask.  “What type of entity should my new business be?” they chirp. These questions sound straightforward enough, so the answers should be straightforward, too…right?  Well, in a […]

Tax Refund Anticipation Loans May Be a Bummer


Patience is a virtue. But when you really need some cash quickly, and you know you’re going to get some sort of a tax refund, it can be hard to sit around waiting. Maybe you need some money to pay off that holiday shopping debt. Maybe  you’ve been searching for employment for months and that […]

Timely Tax Tips From Around the Web


Now that the calendar page has turned from 2010 to 2011 – many minds are turning towards taxes. Those W2s will be showing up in your mailbox before you know it and some of you overachievers will get right down to filing while the procrastinators put it off until the last minute. Even if you […]