Use Your Smart Phone for Something Smart

Maybe it’s time to stop using your phone to play Angry Birds and start using it for something useful.

One of the newest ways to keep track of your bank account and manage your investment portfolio is through applications designed for personal finance.

Your bank may already have such an app. Or check out the app store on your phone. There are even applications for iPhone and through PayPal that let you deposit checks.  We have more about that on our blog.

But the folks at recommend you don’t rush into anything.

“To be a smart user of smart phone personal financial tools, the best advice may be to simply start out slowly. Many smart phone apps are free, so consumers should be hesitant about paying for anything. Some pay-to-play apps are just 99 cents, but others are asking up to a hefty $59.99.Read more: Smart phone can set tone on managing money


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