Where to Have a Romantic Vacation on a Budget

happy beach coupleValentines Day will be here in just a couple of weeks.

It might be too late to plan a romantic getaway at this point, but perhaps you’re starting to save for a dream vacation for next year.

You can find great vacation locations without busting your budget.

BankRate.com has a list of seven places for second honeymoons that offer travel deals so you won’t fall into debt. Saving on travel is a good idea considering the fact that you’re going to see more airline fees this year. And even if you’re planning a road trip, gas prices won’t be cheap either.

Here are the 7 hot spots BankRate suggests

1. Cancun, Mexico -Rates start at $479 per person for four nights and that includes airfare. Check out the Mayan ruins while you’re there! Word to the wise – you may want to avoid spring break season if you’re looking for a getaway that’s quiet.

2. Florida’s Gulf Coast – The tourism industry is trying to lure back visitors with major discounts after last year’s oil spill kept many tourists away.

3. Hawaii – I’d always heard our 50th state was an expensive place to visit. But BankRate says you can book trips for $746 per person for three nights including your plane tickets. They do suggest avoiding holidays and going during the school year.

4. Las Vegas – You can plan a trip for cheap in Sin City. Packages are as low as $359 for three nights at some hotels. BankRate suggests checking out some all inclusive resorts instead of staying at casinos. Just remember not to gamble away your savings. Vegas, baby Vegas!

5. Little Compton, Rhode Island – If you’re looking for a quaint East Coast vacation, you can get hotel rooms starting at $60 per night. Perhaps you could plan a trip in the autumn to see the fall colors? Straight out of Little Compton!

6. Los Roques, Venezuela – This is one of the most exotic locations on BankRate’s list. It’s about 100 miles north of  Caracas, and is located in a protected national park including coral reefs and more. Flights are going to cost close to $1,000 per person, but you can find hotels for as little as $50 a night.

7. Pittsburgh – What? BankRate calls this the “alternative to the Big Apple’s big-city opulence.” They claim the steel city has  undergone a “renaissance in the past decade.”

Maybe I’m a little skeptical about Pittsburgh right now because my Green Bay Packers are playing them in the Super Bowl in about a week.

So with that in mind, let me make my own suggestion for a great vacation spot.

BONUS – Door County, Wisconsin – That’s the little peninsula on our state that juts into Lake Michigan. It’s been called the Cape Cod of the Midwest. I’m a big fan of Door County and make multiple trips there every year. Find out more at the Door County tourism website. Check out the video below to get a feel for what Door County is like.

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Kasey Steinbrinck honed his writing skills as a TV producer and newspaper reporter. He now blogs on personal finance and the economy for Check Advantage. Visit the site today to find cheap personal and business checks including On the Water Checks and Scenic View Checks featuring fantastic outdoor scenery!


  1. Florida’s Gulf Coast is still a great place to go. The oil spill did take its toll, but the beauty is still there to be enjoyed.

    • No doubt! Thanks for stopping by Lesley. I’m sure folks will always pick Florida as a vacation spot. It is Florida after all!

  2. Hey Kasey,

    Thanks for the ideas. For me, I’ll say Mexico any time is awesome but also I haven’t been to Hawaii in many years so that would be great too.


    • Hey Rosie – Glad you stopped by!

      I think just about anywhere you’re on a beach with a drink in your hand is going to be fun. Unless of course it’s February and you’re on Lake Superior in Upper Michigan with a Busch Light. But even some ice-fisherman would disagree with me on that one.

  3. Thanks for sharing your ideas Kasey! I’ll consider these for my next vacation. Let me add up another perfect spot, Wisconsin Dells was really an awesome vacation. The best experience I had was with the waterparks! A perfect vacation for me! I have tried to check them at dells.com. And they really imparted a lot of info before I got there..

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